Break Before You Break with Omi Bell

Omi Bell

Omi Bell shares intimate voice notes from her sabbatical journey in "Break Before You Break. Warning: this isn't perfect. The audio isn't edited. She is recording while traveling all over the world. The length of an episode can be anywhere from 2 minutes to 20 minutes. These are truly authentic downloads in real-time. In this raw and authentic podcast, Omi fearlessly delves into topics of worthiness, hope, and the challenges of navigating life's unpredictable terrain as a business woman and entrepreneur. Omi Bell is an award-winning serial entrepreneur, author and radio show host. She is the CEO/Founder of Black Girl Ventures - a nonprofit breaking barriers to access to capital for women entrepreneurs. From moments of soaring triumph to the depths of hopelessness, Omi offers profound insights into finding your way, asserting sovereignty, and embracing vulnerability. With candid discussions on entrepreneurship and finance, "Break Before You Break" invites listeners to reflect on their own paths while being inspired by Omi's unflinching honesty and resilience. Tune in to discover the power of pausing, reflecting, and ultimately thriving in the midst of life's twists and turns. Hosted by Omi Bell, this podcast is your companion on the journey to self-discovery, offering solace, wisdom, and a beacon of hope for all who listen. read less