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Get ready for a multiverse showdown! Join us on Super Bracket Bros where we select some of the greatest fighters across the multiverse and pit them against one another in a grand tournament to decide who is the best of the best.

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Godzilla v Sin | ft. Cory, Aaron, & Jon
Sep 10 2023
Godzilla v Sin | ft. Cory, Aaron, & Jon
S5 E13: We are nearly there. The culmination of our fifth season. We only have a few episodes to go and we begin the end of our season with this epic Final Four match that transcends dimensions. Brace yourselves as, Godzilla, our number one overall seed, goes head-to-head with the menacing embodiment of chaos and destruction, Sin, from the beloved Final Fantasy X universe.We are joined by a trio of incredible guests, each representing their own passion and expertise in this ultimate showdown. Jon from the Video Game Lounge Podcast, Cory from the Halftone Takes Podcast, and Aaron from the SuperPod Saga Podcast come together for an unforgettable discussion (We're looking at you Darth Godzilla)With the fate of Season 5 hanging in the balance, will Godzilla's sheer brute force and resilience be enough to defeat the indomitable Sin? Or will Sin's otherworldly powers and enigmatic nature prove too much for the King of the Monsters to handle? Find out in this thrilling episode that's sure to leave you on the edge of your seat!Talking points include: Sin Spawn vs fighter jets, Sin the big booger, and yes, "Darth Godzilla" are actual words uttered on this podcastFind Cory on Halftone Takes and his comic Dawn of TimeFind Aaron on SuperPod Saga website and their InstagramFind Jon on Video Game Lounge on InstagramJoin the Super Bracket Bros Discord!Discover where else Super Bracket Bros can be found hereSee the current bracket at the pinned post at the top of the page of our FacebookVote on the all the matchups on our InstagramGet in contact with us: superbracketbros@gmail.comCheck out Eli and his many good things hereIntro music created for this show by Nick HerediaBig thank you to our current Patrons for helping support the show: Andrew, Matt, Wait For It Podcast, Kyle O, and EmilySend us a Text Message.Support the Show.