Dr Peter Koeppel - Nucleotides for life! - Episode 26

Health Talk Radio

Dec 8 2022 • 59 mins

NUCLEOTIDES: The Fountain Of Youth.

Are Nucleotides the missing macronutrient we’ve all been deprived of?

Dr Peter Koeppel joins us today to discuss why he’s dedicated his entire life to the study / use of nucleotides.

Nucleotides are essential for cellular health throughout the body, but why isn’t anyone telling us, are we being robbed on purpose?

We talk about the correct way to optimize your immune function, and how Peter has found a way to reverse aging.

Dr Koeppel discusses what he has witnessed first hand in patients, given only weeks to live, who take nucleotides and are still living an amazing life 20 years later!

We also hear about the long standing allergies that were positively improved within 5 minutes of taking nucleotides and much more.

This episode will literally blow you away, and I can say, that since listening I haven’t missed one day with my Nucleotides.

So tune in and learn why nucleotides are non-negotiable, an a absolute must for you, and those you want to be healthy and around for a very long time.

Michael & Paul

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