Best Three Blood Markers for Fat Loss - Episode 25

Health Talk Radio

Nov 21 2022 • 49 mins

Your blood can not lie, and understanding what markers inhibit / prohibit fat loss are critical if your weight loss has stalled.

There’s a plethora of markers involved, however, there’s 3 we discuss specifically in this episode that can make or break your fast loss efforts.

It’s not just fat loss that they impact either, it’s your energy, sex drive, creativity, longevity and much much more!

Today we discuss some of the less obvious blood markers that you may want to test if you are finding it hard to lose body fat.

We also talk about the real underlying focus for long term health and keeping your body working properly.

Listen to the end because we have a once in a lifetime offer for our avid listeners, and before this, this level of testing was only accessible by millionaires.

What a genius episode, we hope you enjoy.

Paul & MM

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