Nootropics that actually work!

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Jul 8 2022 • 57 mins

Are you looking for a mental edge, you know like the movie Limitless?!

Only with all the upside and none of the down.

Boomer was unbelievable, and our first ever guess on Health Talk Radio.

And, in this episode we go down the rabbit hole of Nootropics.

What are they?

Do they really work?

How do they compare?

What are the very best?

And, can they be trusted both in the short and long term?

Boomer, one of the founders of Troscription, a leader in the space, shares his insights around brain function and human optimization.

If you’re like me, then you’ll be hooked, and wanting more.

After you listen, here are some links if you want to learn more:



Boomer was kind enough to share some of the things he’s used to learn all about nootropics.

If after the show, you’d like to try some,


Enter code: Health Talk for 10% discount!

Full disclosure, I haven’t tried TroScription yet, but immediately after the show I went and grabbed one of everything!

I’ll be reporting back so stay tuned!

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