Global Renaissance Revealed In A Vision | The World Is About To Completely Change

Dreams & Marvels

Sep 7 2022 • 40 mins

Here is the latest update on the global energy and space tech breakthrough series of dreams. In today’s video episode, I am telling a vision that a close friend had in 2005. In his vision, God showed him we are about to experience a global renaissance on an even higher level than what took place 500 years ago. After I tell my friend’s vision, I will tie it in with some of my top “science dreams” where God showed me the inventions that will completely change the world. This is best viewed as a video which is linked in a blog on all 3 of my video platforms. Start with this link here.

Chris Michals has videos, blogs and ebooks on the topics of: the Kingdom of God, the supernatural, miracles, how God speaks in dreams, how to find your life calling and purpose from God in your dreams at night, and much more. In 2015, Chris was given a "mega prophecy" for a global technology invention that has links to new energy technology. Check out his website here:

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