Global Deliverance Mission: Explaining The Purpose Of The Invention & Meaning Of The Symbols

Dreams & Marvels

Apr 28 2023 • 34 mins

In this episode, I am explaining the new "Global Deliverance Mission Patch" for the space energy tech invention. This is a global spiritual war and God has shown in advance that there will be physical attacks on the building where the invention will be built because of very evil people - inside and outside the USA - who want to stop this from coming. I explain why that is in this episode and I explain all the symbols in the new design and how all my official logo and patch designs all have Biblical symbology in them. This is an evangelistic tool which you really need to grab onto and promote!

This podcast will be embedded in a blog which you can find on my website along with all store pages where products with this new design can be found - see the active discount codes while they last!

Chris Michals has videos, blogs and ebooks on the topics of: the Kingdom of God, the supernatural, miracles, how God speaks in dreams, how to find your life calling and purpose from God in your dreams at night, and much more. In 2015, Chris was given a "mega prophecy" for a global technology invention that has links to new energy technology. Check out his website here: ⁠⁠⁠⁠

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