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Mystery of Patricia Grainger's Brutal Murder | Cold Case, Murder Mystery
May 26 2022
Mystery of Patricia Grainger's Brutal Murder | Cold Case, Murder Mystery
DISCLAIMERS-Viewer discretion is advised, parts of this story is very explicit This is a real, unsolved Murder, cold case, so it's important that if you share or comment you do so with the appropriate sensitivity. To expand on that, this case is still active.If you want to look in to the case more, or if you have any actual and useful information to put forward head over to, a website set up by Patricia son.My intention of this video and podcast is simply, as always, trying and help raise awareness of the case and keep it open relevant and in peoples minds. The information in this video has also been fact checked.Patricia Grainger was a 25 year old mother of one. She had learning disabilities and hearing problems. Patricia's body was found by a group of young boys playing on Sunday 10th August 1997 at Sheffield Lane Dike, Parsons Cross,sheffield, England.  She had been beaten, strangled, stabbed, sexually assaulted and mutilated. Her body had been concealed by a divan bed base.The Post Mortem shows she died just 21 hours before her body was found, but she had been missing for 6 days prior to been found. It's still unknown where she'd been staying for those 6 days.For more information on the case or to provide information, please see the sources below: Website: feed: (this page mentions a reward, which I'm sure has expired, however it does contain information and an anonymous forum to submit information)  ----------------- If you like my content please subscibe. All I'm Saying Is, is now in lots of places, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok and wherever you listen to your podcasts.   For a full list please visit my Linktree: