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In Love With Rural America
5d ago
In Love With Rural America
In this episode of the Learning Can't Wait podcast, host Hayley Spira-Bauer returns to the Rural Education mini-series with guests Mike Barrera, Superintendent of Premont ISD, and Conrad Cantu, Superintendent of Freer ISD. Both guests bring valuable perspectives from their roles in the Rural School Innovation Zone (RSIZ), sharing their expertise on the unique challenges faced by rural schools. The episode delves into Mike and Conrad’s backgrounds in education, highlighting their districts' contributions to RSIZ. Conrad discusses the inception of the medical academy, while Mike elaborates on offering cybersecurity and drone certification courses, among other initiatives. They also discuss future challenges, emphasizing the importance of integrating industry into their communities and expanding their programs beyond graduation. A major hurdle for rural schools, as agreed by both superintendents, is the attraction and retention of quality educators. They suggest that fostering a strong community and providing compensation incentives at both local and state levels are critical solutions. Emphasizing the significant impact educators have on students, Mike and Conrad encourage new rural teachers to embrace the serene rural lifestyle and build a meaningful community around them. Tune in every Tuesday at fullmindlearning.com/podcast. Next week, we continue our Rural Education mini-series with Heather Bookstaver, Ann Lewish, and Taylor Gump sharing their passion for teaching in rural America.