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Moments with an MEO is THE podcast for military spouse entrepreneurs looking to take their new or experienced business to the next level. Listen in and even participate in interviewing milso business owners from all over the world in this global and award-nominated show! Britt shares her experiences and tips in her solo episodes (dubbed solosodes) and interviews guests weekly. Britt, MEO of New Altitudes, a unique social media coach and retreat host, shares her own personal struggles while bringing this unique, vulnerable and open show to life.

Running, Roombas, & Consistency Online, with Ashley Gutermuth
May 27 2022
Running, Roombas, & Consistency Online, with Ashley Gutermuth
Ashley Gutermuth is a military spouse comedian, but it's not all laughter behind her brand. Ashley has been hit by a car, cyberbullied by trolls on socials, and learned to push past it all. Today on episode 122 of the Moments with an MEO podcast, Ashley Gutermuth is sharing how to show up consistently, and how to push past the negativity and stay on top of your goals. On this episode, Ashley and I talk about: Showing up Face-to-Camera, and how she does this multiple times a day to every social media platform. How Ashley handles the negative comments, the trolls, and the mean people online, and what she does to leave their opinions off her shoulders. Running and Roombas; why Ashley runs, picks up trash, and rescues Roombas. How to keep going, even when you don't feel like the needle is moving or like people don't appreciate the work you've done behind the scenes. Ashley Gutermuth is a New Jersey-based stand-up comedian and actor. She appeared on ‘The Tonight Show’ with Jimmy Fallon where she was chosen by Jerry Seinfeld to win the ‘Seinfeld Challenge.’ In 2021, Ashley won the headliner category of the US Comedy Contest.Ashley has performed for The World Series of Comedy, The New York Underground Comedy Festival and The North Carolina Comedy Festival. She has also appeared on shows with Chris Kattan (SNL), Steve Hytner (Seinfeld) and Michael Winslow (Police Academy, America’s Got Talent) among many others.Ashley regularly posts on social media and her hilarious videos of her stand-up and life as the spouse of a United States Military Veteran have exploded to over 50 million views!Check out Ashley's Platforms: InstagramWebsiteYoutubeConnect with Britt: InstagramWebsiteCheck out MilSO Box here: