Tom Morello’s Maximum Firepower


A monthly podcast focusing on the music, the moments, and the movements that have shaped Tom’s worldview and left an indelible mark on him as an artist and activist. read less

Our Editor's Take

Tom Morello's Maximum Firepower is a personal podcast from Tom Morello himself. Morello is a legendary guitarist within the world of punk rock. He is best known as the guitarist for Rage Against the Machine. He also played guitar for the band Audioslave. Though he does still perform in a band, he performs solo, too, under the name The Nightwatchman.

In this show, Tom Morello dives into everything that's helped him become who he is today. Though listeners can expect lots of talk about music and activism, that's not all they'll get. If it's altered or affected Morello's worldview, it's on the docket. That means listeners can expect a variety of off-the-cuff and important discussions. Some episodes discuss the intersection of punk and politics. Others dive into the deeper meanings of iconic songs. And still, others break down the lives and legacies of music giants like Eddie Van Halen.

Best known as a musical artist and an activist, Morello is no stranger to the spotlight. His podcast, though, takes that limelight to a whole new perspective. His fresh, energetic vibe makes this podcast an excellent good listen.

He offers up his perspectives, opinions, and insights on modern music. He also dives into how musical influences affected his life and the world around him. And, of course, he's rarely solo on the podcast. Morello brings on famous guests for an energetic back-and-forth. Often, he has big-name stars like Slash, Taylor Momsen, and Jerry Cantrell on the show. Other times, guests like Michael Moore make an appearance. No matter who's on the podcast with Morello, it's bound to be an exciting listen.

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