Stream in the Desert

Dr. Rita Huang

Human problems are very complex and at times quite difficult to resolve. When you get stuck in your struggles, you may feel you’re in a desert-like place with no hope of healing or escape. Dr. Rita uses light-hearted and practical analogy stories she created from her counseling sessions to give hope to those who are in pain. You will find these real-life scenarios easy to identify with, and at the end of each show, tips are given to help you deal with your own painful circumstances.brbr Presented in a light-hearted and fun fashion, these stories are sure to capture your attention and bring you to a place of healing. We hope you come back and listen each week and you can even contact her if you like. Dr. Rita looks forward to hearing from you and is always willing to listen and pray with those who are struggling.
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The Squirrel Story
May 10 2015
55 mins
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