Partner Up! with Amy Carroll

Amy Carroll

Up-level your communication to get more of what you want, more easily with less difficulty using a no-nonsense, user friendly approach. Partner Up! with Amy Carroll promises playful, engaging and inspiring exchanges with guests and your participation. I share my knowledge and experience (successes and failures), to increase internal awareness and external skills for improved self-management in high pressure, interpersonal exchanges. The goal is to repair relationships, neutralize conflict and better handle it when it occurs. My focus is on body language, voice, words and mindset to support communication. Exposing my vulnerabilities, I share real life stories and challenges to encourage bravery, confidence and inspire action. You will be curious, intrigued and entertained, gaining insights and readily applicable techniques, tips and tricks. “Make your partner look good!” is my life philosophy. I believe this can make us happier, kinder and sexier human beings! read less