Skyjacks: Courier's Call - The Jolly Jack Adventure - Part 1

Skyjacks: Courier's Call

Jun 1 2021 • 28 mins

Welcome to  Skyjacks: Courier's Call  The Jolly Jack Adventure - Part 1!  ANNOUNCEMENTS! With Season 2 rapidly approaching we wanted to give a little taste of what is to come AND what you can find right now on the One Shot Network Patreon. We  hope you enjoy the ride as Kiran, June, Cici, Braith and Bobby Gene all encounter the notorious Jolly Jack, played by NYT Bestselling Author: Patrick Rothfuss!  A brief explanation of these Jolly Jack  Adventure episodes:  These episodes happen on the third stop of the Red Audron's route and roughly a month or so after Season 1 We will be releasing only two of the eight episodes in this series. If you want to hear how the story ends you can hear the rest of it by signing up on the $5 level on the One Shot Podcast Patreon ( The adventure introduces many interesting worldbuilding tidbits including more lore about the Black Lily and fan favorite, Margaret! If you've enjoyed the show, liked what we've done or just have feelings about this season, feel free to tell us at or to leave us a review on itunes! Also... Season 2 Kickstarter for Skyjacks: Courier's Call ends on June 11!  Back the season and help us  reach that 20k mark to get Arne Parrott to write a prom ballad for our kids!  ________________________________________________________ MORE FROM THE WORLD OF SPEIRIf you want to get more info on the World of Speir through the Skyjacks World Zine, please see the link below: CONTENT WARNINGMain Show:  Children in Peril, thunderstorms, arguing, desperate situations  ________________________________________________________ CALL TO ACTION Right Wrongs. Do Mercies. Take Flight ________________________________________________________ TALK TO YOUR KIDS Courier's Call  does not condone racism, hate or bigotry of any kind. We stand with Black Lives Matters on these issues and call upon everyone to demand changes to have all people stand on equal footing. No one deserves to be afraid or persecuted for just being who they are. If you wish to talk to your kids about racism and its damaging effects, this is a good resource.  As is this. Courier's Call features non-binary gendered characters. If you are not familiar with non-binary genders or neutral pronouns, this is a good resource for for talking about those concepts with your kids! ________________________________________________________ Join Our Mailing List Interact with us online! Twitter: @couriercall  Instagram: @skyjackscourierscall