Chemistry For Your Life

Melissa and Jam

A podcast helping you understand the chemistry of your everyday life.

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What is Chemistry For Your Life?
Bonus: Why is caffeine in shampoo? (and other questions)Why do people hate organic chemistry?How can sunlight turn into electricity?How do ADHD and Adderall™ change the chemistry in our brains?Bonus: Animals have tears? (and other questions)Is crying chemistry? (the fascinating science of tears)Why does rain smell?Why do lobsters turn red? (when we cook them)Bonus: What do sunscreen and paint have in common? (and other questions)Why do sodas explode? (when we shake them)Why is the sky blue?Bonus: Chemistry and Greek myths? (and other questions)Why do we use hydrogen peroxide? (and should we?)How does bleach remove color?Why are blue jeans actually dyed yellow?Bonus: Is higher pH water better? (and other questions)Why do Pop Rocks pop?What are antioxidants and are they even good for you?How does Benzoyl Peroxide fight acne?
Jan 20 2022
27 mins
Bonus: How do gasses dissolve in liquid? (and other questions)