011: Why you shouldn't use Canva clipart (& an alternative!)

The Selling Digital Podcast

Jan 23 2023 • 26 mins

This is for all the digital product sellers that love and use Canva. In the past 2 episodes (here & here) I've talked about using clipart and Canva's elements with commercial license to create products to sell.

In this episode, I go more into detail and share my interpretation of the current (as of 1/18/23) Canva TOU's when it comes to using their free and pro elements in your products for sale. There's a lot of information out there, but the best source would be to reach out to their customer service directly.

Just in case: I do not work for canva, I have no relationship with the company, I'm not a lawyer, the statements in this episode are my own opinion and interpretation of Canva's terms of use, this is not legal advice.

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