Self-Care Sundays: Remember to Nourish Yourself 08.16.20

Park Avenue Baptist Church Podcast

Aug 16 2020 • 47 mins

We have moved into the liturgical season of Ordinary Time and are beginning this new Sermon Series that will span the next couple of months. We are calling it “Self-Care Sundays: Remember to Nourish Yourself”. This series is all so many of the important strategies of caring for self that we learn about from ancient wisdom, activist practice and the practice of remembering how to care for our bodies. This was inspired by Emergent Strategy and as such de-centers the sermon and makes way for small group discussions, knowing that we all have practices and wisdom to share and in that sharing we go deeper into relationships that are critical to our communities.

This week’s message will be delivered by Deacon Daniel Bass. Our Scripture reading from Isaiah 58:1-9 will be read by Marquis White. We know you will enjoy this rousing sermon and hope you love our online worship!

About Park Avenue Baptist: Park Ave is a bold, inclusive, and creative community where everyone is welcome. We uplift voices and identities that are marginalized elsewhere. We affirm all ethnicities, racial identities, ages, socio-economic groups, gender identities and sexual orientations because we hold to a theology that refuses to other anyone. At Park avenue our leadership model is non hierarchical and we practice an open pulpit where you will hear a multiplicity of theologically trained voices from different backgrounds and social locations. We don’t just preach and talk about deconstructing systems and structures of power we practice it.