Navy Seal Wisdom & Mindset

ThePowerOfSelfEVOLution with KarenLoveLee

Jul 26 2019 • 58 mins

Lots of FAILURE = #SustainableSUCCESS

Steve Viola, 30 yrs retired Navy Seal Command Master Chief shares mega wisdom! Elite 0.001% MINDSET - Failed 7 times: Seal training 'Pool Comp.' Radically inspiring and massively motivational!!!!

"I could never handle failure, which ultimately led to and fed into more epic failures. In retrospect, "If Only," I could have understood the profound wisdom of enduring and persevering my PERCEIVED failures, my life would have been way more fun, happy and freer!" ~ #KarenLoveLee

Also, it's an honor to support Steve's extraordinary mission to #StopVeteranSuicide with alternative and highly effective treatments. Powerful wisdom and mindset set precedent for a grander purpose in service to humanity. And, I'm #AllIn

Contact: Steve Viola @ #MaxPerdiem1

Steve Viola, MA, NRP, PPO - Trusted Advisor at Max Perdiem, Inc. | Transformational Element |Professional Speaker |

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