How To Survive with Danielle & Kristine

Danielle Koenig & Kristine Kimmel

Join hosts Danielle Koenig & Kristine Kimmel for a comedy podcast about surviving the things that could kill you and the stuff that just makes you wish you were dead.

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Shark Attack & Audience Attack
Shark Attack & Audience AttackCults & Family SecretsCollapsing Building & Collapsing VeinsFalling Out Of The Sky & Flying Without IDLaw Doesn't Believe You & Parents Don't Believe YouFire Ants & Getting FiredCar Accident & Bike CrashAttacking Birds & Attacking ChildrenRunaway Train & Cat Running AwayYour Brakes Going Out & Brakes Going OutGetting Lost in The Woods & Camping With KidsBig Cat Attack & Adopting KittensBleeding To Death & A Bloody EmbarrassmentHeartattack & HeartbreakMudslides & Shitting Your PantsBeing UsBreakdown of Society & Broken BonesEye of a Tornado & Blind Date Gone BadHypothermia & Freezing Your Balls OffPlane Crash & Life Crashing Around You