What To Do When You Feel Jealous

Stress-Less Physician

Oct 17 2022 • 21 mins

As physicians, as business owners, as human beings, we all struggle with jealousy and/or envy from time to time. Those feelings like others have more or that we want something they have. I’m here to tell you, it’s normal. But if it’s just a natural human emotion, why bother to think much about it?

Because I believe examining jealousy and envy gives us deep and valuable insight into how we think about ourselves. Hand in hand with that, it reveals our perceptions of what we believe we can have, what we can achieve, even our place in the world. When we can step back and objectively examine times of jealousy or envy, we can turn that normally negative experience to our advantage. Let’s talk about what to do when you feel jealousy or envy.

“A lot of people notice that when they feel envious or jealous, then they also sort of add on a layer of shame or wrongness for even feeling it… I just want to say it’s totally normal. And that layer of shame or embarrassment or denying it or resisting it… that's super unnecessary. That is just gonna block you from actually working with it, from actually getting the information that jealousy and envy are there to provide for us.” – Dr. Sara Dill

What You’ll Learn

  • Differences between jealousy and envy
  • Value of examining our thoughts
  • Steps for what to do when you feel jealousy or envy
  • Notice when or what causes it
  • Identify your thoughts
  • Question your thoughts
  • Come up with 3 ways
  • Discover how you would feel
  • Go on assignment

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