Baby's First 24 Hours After Birth (Part Two)


Sep 28 2021 • 25 mins

In this episode, we’re continuing the conversation about the first 24 hours after baby is born. The period of time immediately after birth is a beautiful and incredibly special time for parents and for baby. When we are intentional with it and have an idea of what we want that time and space to look like, it can even feel sacred.

With the rise of mother-baby friendly facilities in the last decade or so has come a greater awareness of the power of this beautiful time. However, not all facilities currently observe an undisturbed golden hour approach.

Listen in as we talk through some of the main components of this time and learn which parts of the process may be skippable, depending on your family’s particular desires.


01:52 Newborn exam

02:40 Immediate vaccination: your choices

03:22 Vitamin K

04:49 Eye ointment

07:13 Hep. B Series

08:55 Newborn screen

11:05 TDAP (mom)

12:03 Flu shot (mom)

12:55 Postpartum support

15:18 Newborn sleep

20:14 Breastfeeding

22:09 Decisions you can/should make

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