Partnership + Unity in Pregnancy


Aug 24 2021 • 14 mins

In this episode, Sam discusses the importance of partnership + unity among parents, especially within growing families. As far back as we’re aware, men have all but been disqualified from parenting, but what if there is more to the design of growing families than we have believed? What if a father’s role is just as important, albeit different? What if dad is meant to not only be included in the process but was also given the opportunity to learn and grow as a parent, in order to prepare for the arrival of his little ones?

Join us as we talk through how a decision to prioritize partnership + unity can establish a foundation of trust and security for the family to be built on.

I believe part of God’s original design for men is that they would care for their families, especially through the vulnerabilities of growth and development.”

- Sam LeGassick


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