Postpartum Support Series: Creating the Plan You'll Need for Your First Seven Days of SUPPORT After Baby (Part One)

Empowered Womanhood

Nov 16 2021 • 27 mins

In part one of our two-part series on practical postpartum support, we’re talking about creating a plan for the first seven days after parents return home with baby.

We’re breaking down the importance of having a solid plan for postpartum support in place BEFORE baby comes (if possible!). Listen in as we look at six areas you should consider when creating your plan for help in the first seven days after baby.

Timestamps mentioned in this episode---

Questions to ask as you create your plan:

06:49 Will both parents be present after the baby's born or will one or both of you need to return to work immediately?

07:46  Do you have older kiddos who will need care and support during this transition?

Six areas you may need or want support:

08:36 Meals

08:48 Sleep

10:35 Tidying Up

10:45 Running Errands

10:55 Babysitting (especially when you have older kiddos)

11:37 Processing/Emotional Support

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