Q & A With Sam: Why Take A Birth Class?


Nov 2 2021 • 29 mins

Ever wondered what a birth class is for, or if you should take one? Or, wondering how taking a birth class differs from asking your doctor or midwife questions?

Those questions (and a few more) are the topic of today’s episode. We’re breaking down why everyone should take a birth class, regardless of which one it is, and how taking a birth class can and should help you to make informed decisions you actually align with.

Listen in as we break down how Birthing Bravely Academy, my brand new go-at-your-own-pace & faith-based birth class aims to hit all the most important parts of an informative birth class, but with a perspective that covers all the parts of who you are. A holistic approach to birth can help you trust the natural process of labor, birth, and all your body is designed by God to do after your baby is born.

(1:50) Question One: What exactly is a birth class, and why would I need to take one if I have a doctor?

(12:48) Question Two: How is this class different from what you’ll get with insurance?

(19:26) Question Three: How much opportunity/expectation/commitment is required for partners?

(22:06) Question Four: What are the benefits of a holistic birth course?

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