Pub theology: fracturing denominations (with Mitch Forbes)

Spiritual Misfits Podcast

Aug 27 2022 • 1 hr 6 mins

Mitch and I riff on some questions from the Facebook discussion group and then get into a slightly more impassioned discussion about fracturing denominations, peoples obsession with sexuality and why 'sola scripture' logically leads to polarisation.

Questions we discuss from the Facebook group:
- Divinisation/theosis. Did God really become human, so we could become God?
- Missing texts from the Bible. Are we missing out?
- What did it mean for Jesus to be ‘fully human’? Was he limited to the thinking of the time and all the ignorance / belief systems that came with it? Or did he somehow still contain all the wisdom of the cosmos in that human body and chose not to share the knowledge that would come from future discoveries etc?
- What’s the deal with the Diocese of the Southern Cross?