Jan 2 2023 • 3 mins

MORE ABOUT GOD'S QUEEN ELIZABETH TOWNSEND. I have spent a great deal of my life in service to those in need and the less fortunate. After graduating Trend College in 1991 and Yakima, Valley College, and attending the University of Phoenix. ABOUT About God's Queen Elizabeth Townsend. My life has always been dedicated to service and to those in need, while in high school in my younger years, I had a passion to serve our elderly population for over 15 years I poor my life around taking care of them until I could no longer because of a server on the job injury which ended that career in 2002. I then being a Born Again Christian, started of Center for Women and Children called the Open Arms Crisis Center in which me and some other women of our community took over a eight bedroom home that had nothing but floors and renovated to make it a mansion for women and children while it was to be a solace for them it was short lived due to great upheavals beyond our control. Having been raised, with a Pentencostal Background from my Grand-parents and my own mother who pastored a church and was a devout woman of God, who taught me about Jesus and as I watched her throughout my life that her faith in God was all she had. My mother called me an Evangelist and before her passing in January of 2018, my years under her she would call me up to preach to the congregation. When growing up she always told me I was a great business woman, and would someday preach the gospel of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, and I received a double portion of her spirit. So I grew up knowing whatever blows life dealt my faith in God, would bring me up and out and I could face the world with him on our side.