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We're here each week to help fellow female entrepreneurs start, grow, and scale their business empire with the growth program women actually have time for. The ONE STEP program. Because, let's be honest, no woman in business has extra time on her hands. We need effective, actionable, items we can complete quickly, that will give us REAL results. Period. Season Two builds on the foundation from Season One, by featuring guest experts each week to help you build your business and bootstrap your empire, on a budget.Stick with us and week by week, step by step, you will make progress you never dreamed possible. Marketing, planning, finance, strategy, networking, social media and every corner of your business that you never have time to really dig into, we'll be covering little by little, week by week. We are here to connect, encourage, and elevate each other, as we build the businesses and lives of our dreams, for ourselves and for our families.
The busy founders secret to "fitting in fitness" (you NEED this, you know you do)
Are you always "too busy" to work out ?You know you need to make fitness a priority but you never seem to do it....You are crazy busy and it’s easy to make excuses.  And they are legitimate – you really don't have enough hours in the day. I get it  - believe me – the struggle is real.But here’s the thing.  Moving your body needs to be a priority, it affects your health AND your business, and the good news is that you really can do it without finding more hours in the day.You can be a busy entrepreneur AND find time for fitness, even if you don't have time to get to the gym.Alison, is the owner of CUFitness, a health and wellness coach, and entrepreneur, and she’s had exactly the same struggle that you are having now. She’s got some simple solutions that YOU can work into your day, to make fitness a simple part of your daily routine, and finally start getting the exercise you know you have been missing.Here’s the secret she shares with us on today's podcast (I’m going to spoil the surprise)  You can complete a 30 minute workout every single day without ever actually doing a 30 minute workout!It's true, and it so much simpler than you think.  We truly make it harder on ourselves than it needs to be, and Alison is here to help us take the pressure off, start feeling better about ourselves, and start taking care of bodies (and our future) like we should be.Alison walks us through:Why we put off working out and how that reinforces beliefs that make it even harder in the future.Why we should actually start with the small steps to see more success.How to do micro challenges.Simple hacks to fit movement into our day.Self care tips to start now for a stronger 2022LINKS from this episode:CU Fitness Retreats        https://cufitnessretreats.com/CUFitness and Alison Contact    https://cufitness.com/SHEcorporated FREE 5 Day Business Kickstart Challenge     SHEkickstart.com
6d ago
26 mins
Start your own podcast! The game changing podcasting strategies you never considered.
If you have ever thought about starting a podcast, or if you are looking for a way to build your authority, reach hard to land clients and opportunities or grow your audience, THIS is the episode for you.Jaclyn Mellone,  is on this episode talking not just about the nuts and bolts of starting a podcast, but the strategy behind the why and the how, that you probably never considered.While having a podcast with thousands of listeners is a wonderful way to build your audience and authority, you could have a podcast without any listeners and it could still be one of the key growth engines for your business.How is that possible?Jaclyn will break it down for us, and I promise you will walk away from this episode with some game changing ideas on how to use podcasting to grow your business this year, no matter what type of business you are building.We’re going to cover the following:Why podcasting is still in early stages and you are not too late.When is the “right” time to start your podcastHow you can start a podcast even when you’re not the expert but become the expert along the way.Why podcasting can build your business faster than other platforms and what makes it one of the best “authority” platforms.How to avoid “podcrashing”How to use your podcast to build relationships with hard to reach clients and contacts. The simple basics you actually need to get started.And Jaclyn is gifting us her do it yourself guide on Trello to plan and start our own podcast AND a private podcast link for all the podcasts she has done on podcasting to help us along the way.  You can get it all here:Jaclynmellone.com/TrelloJaclyn Mellone helps experts exponentially grow their business by becoming the Go-To Authority in their space.She is a strategist, speaker, mama, Hamilton lover, and host of the Go-To Gal podcast!Jaclyn has leveraged podcasting to build a multi-six-figure coaching and course business, generate passive recurring revenue from affiliates, become a top 25 Convertkit affiliate, and partner with brands like Gusto, Acuity, FabFitFun, and Sony Music.  Jaclyn supports experts at all stages – from freelancers to global brands!GET REGISTERED FOR THE UPCOMING FREE 5 DAY BUSINESS KICKSTART CHALLENGE AT: https://shecorporated.lpages.co/business-kickstart-challenge/
Jan 5 2022
48 mins
Find your personal style and send the right message for your brand. It's closet makeover time!
You are well aware of the impact branding has on your business, you obsess over details like colors and fonts and your logo, but YOU are the face of your brand, When the world sees you – they make assumptions about your business, so what is what you are wearing telling the world about your company? If you haven’t thought about that yet, it’s time to step into your Founder or CEO role, and make sure your style is in line with your branding.  That doesn't mean you have to look corporate, if that’s not your brand, then you probably shouldn’t.  But you DO need to take a look at your wardrobe, and put some thought into the message your style is sending.Char Gust is the expert in setting your closet up for success, and simple effortless dressing, that’s in line with your company’s brand.You don't have to go out and buy a whole new wardrobe ( we’re all about making an impact and sticking to your budget), so today we have all the tips on how to make personal branding magic happen, with what you have in your wardrobe already. On this episode we’ll cover:·      Why what you wear is important·      A simple hack to clear the clutter from your closet·      What foundational items you need (and probably already have)·      How to take those basics and then make them your own Char also have an amazing resource she is sharing with us to take it a step further.  You can download her Formula for Dressing Effortlessly e-book for free at: www.stylewithchar.com/ebook MAKE SURE YOU SIGN UP FOR OUR UPCOMING FREE 5 DAY BUSINESS KICKSTART CHALLENGE:  https://shecorporated.lpages.co/business-kickstart-challenge/
Dec 29 2021
20 mins
Tedx speaker Shelli Varela uncovers the power of YOUR story in your business.Finances feeling out of control?   Dump the shame, we've got some simple fixes in this episode.
If you hate dealing with spreadsheets, and financial reports give you a headache, or if the fear and uncertainly of what you don't know about your finances keeps you up at night - this is the episode for you.Many entrepreneurs have trouble focusing on their finances – it’s not uncommon if that sounds like you.But if we ignore them, the problems don't go away and they multiply and create NEW problems. We end up running out of money, not hiring help when we should, pricing our products incorrectly and SO many other issues that can stem from not understanding our businesses financial picture.Pam Prior is with us today, she is a former corporate CFO to fortune 50 companies who now spends her time helping entrepreneurs access the same quality finance advice that those multi million dollar companies use, but tailors it specifically  to help entrepreneurs and our unique needs.  and she makes a big promise on this podcast – Pam guarantees you will walk away from this episode with everything you need to help you find extra money in your business you didn't even know you had. With plain talk that is easy to understand, and simple steps that anyone can do, Pam is going to walk us through the FOUR things that generally keep entrepreneurs from dealing with the finances in their business. Shame, fear, time and overwhelm And Pam makes them simple to overcome.We also have THREE practical tools in this episode to help us deal with finances in our business, that we can do right now, to make it all so much simpler moving forward.LINKS FROM THIS EPISODE:Cash Flow Forecast link: https://www.profitconcierge.com/cashflowforecastVideos:   https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLjiJJbC3j75Cnxbj7MnyoObIbB4NwYJ9uGuide to hiring a bookkeeper:  https://go.profitconcierge.com/optin-rockstar-bookkeeperOpt in to ask questions on future podcasts: http://www.onestepempire.com
Dec 15 2021
43 mins
Step 16 - Ready, Set, Launch!  How to Keep Growing and Supercharge Your New Business.Step 15 - Your Marketing Plan for Success In 10 Simple StepsStep 14 - Where's the Money Honey?  How Will You Fund Your New Business?Step 13 - Building Your Online Ecosystem.  Getting In Front of Your People Online.Step 12 - Let's Make it Official!  Getting Registered to Do Business.Step 11 - You Need a Plan.  Let's Keep it Simple.Step Ten -  Setting Your Mission and Your Vision for SuccessStep Nine -  Give Your Brand it's Unique Personality and Complete Your Brand Identity Kit
This week, we are giving your brand it's unique personality, by completing the second half of your Brand Identity Kit, and choosing your typeface and colors.  Your typeface is the voice people hear in their heads when they visit your website, read your ads, and visit your social media.  The colors you choose to represent your brand sends subconscious messages to the viewer about what your brand stands for, and what type of business you are.They are both very powerful components of your brands personality.So join us as we walk through how to choose your typeface and colors and complete your brand identity kit!This is the ONE STEP Empire podcast from SHEcorporated.  We are here to help YOU take the leap, and create the life you dream of, by building your own business empire, one simple step at a time.Make sure you visit us at SHEcorporated.com for any downloads we mention in the podcast. You can also join our community HERE and sign up for the next FREE Business Kickstart Challenge HERE.Links mentioned in the podcast:Coolors.co is great for finding palette of colors that works well together or even taking a photo and creating a color palette from that photo. Encycolorpedia.com is another favorite site for finding complementary colors and I use it regularly to find the hex code for a pantone color or vice versa.Here are some real world examples of branding Style Guides you can check out for more ideas and inspiration  https://www.canva.com/learn/50-meticulous-style-guides-every-startup-see-launching/
Jul 8 2021
6 mins
Step Eight - Create Your Brand Identity - Will They Swipe Left or Right?Step Seven - Turn Total Strangers into Raving Fans with a Customer Journey MapStep Six - Creating Your Ideal Life with Your Vision
Today is part 2 of setting your success mindset.  You are going to dig down and figure out what you want your future to look like, what your ideal business and relationships look like, and what you are working towards. What if I told you that the process of deciding what you want in life, would help you actually get what you want in life? The simple process of creating a clear vision for your future, is the very tool that will create that future out of nothingness? Pretty cool right?  So here’s the secret, the tool that mega successes like Tony Robbins, Oprah, and Sara Blakely, the founder of SPANX, have used for decades. It’s free, it’s fun and it works.  In order to bring your perfect life into being, you first need to know what that perfect life looks like. How does it look, what do you do each day, where do you live, who are you surrounded by? Sit down with pen and paper and really delve into the finer details. That's our job on today's podcast, and it's a fun one. At the end of the podcast, we are sending you off to get your special free Vision Board Kit download and complete your own Vision Board, until next week, when we meet back here, to move to Step 7 on your road to a wildly successful business.This is the ONE STEP Empire podcast from SHEcorporated.  We are here to help YOU take the leap, and create the life you dream of, by building your own business empire, one simple step at a time.Make sure you visit us at SHEcorporated.com for any downloads we mention in the podcast. You can also join our community HERE and sign up for the next FREE Business Kickstart Challenge HERE.
Jun 17 2021
7 mins
Step Five - Success Mindset - Get Set for Success and Your Ideal FutureStep Four - Finding Your Unfair AdvantageStep Three - Find Your Audience and Your New Best FriendsStep Two - Is it a good idea?  How will you know?