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Broken Doors

The Washington Post

With a typical search warrant, police are supposed to knock and announce themselves. But with no-knock warrants, police can force their way into people’s homes without warning. This six-part investigative podcast from The Washington Post sheds light on how easy it is to plan, obtain and execute no-knock warrants — one of the most intrusive and dangerous police tactics. We explore the consequences when these warrants become the rule, rather than the exception. Hosted by investigative reporters Jenn Abelson and Nicole Dungca, “Broken Doors” is about how no-knock warrants are deployed in the American justice system — and what happens when accountability is flawed at every level. read less

Our Editor's Take

Broken Doors is an investigative podcast series focused on the no-knock search warrant. It's presented by The Washington Post journalists Jenn Abelson and Nicole Dungca. The podcast examines how these unusual warrants are becoming more common and more dangerous. Listeners will hear about how no-knock raids can become deadly in an instant. Anyone interested in the American criminal justice system finds a fascinating listen here.

Broken Doors examines the seriousness of police misconduct and the power that can destroy lives. Listeners will hear about the tragic case of Breonna Taylor that gripped the nation in 2020. The 26-year-old woman was killed when one of these no-knock raids went awry. They will also hear about how easy it is to obtain these warrants. The podcast hosts examine the process in Monroe County, Mississippi. They dissect and discuss how fast the process is and how fast it can lead to a deadly raid.

Abelson is no stranger to impactful investigative reporting. In 2020, her reporting on the deadly opioid epidemic was a Pulitzer Prize finalist. In 2021, she won the prestigious Geral Loeb Award for her reporting on the pandemic. The podcast cohost and investigative journalist Dungca has also extensive true crime experience. The journalists' combined expertise and impeccable storytelling are unmistakable. Together, they make the content of this podcast feel more urgent and impactful.

The Broken Doors podcast is a fascinating and sobering listen. The show has a high caliber of production and reporting. It makes these episodes feel more like an audio documentary. Listeners will learn how easy it is for police to storm through their front door with no warning. The hosts are sending a clear warning sign-what if this becomes the norm? All six episodes are available to stream now and are about an hour long each.

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