Steve Rozenberg: Go Bigger Earlier and Fail Bigger (Version Video)

The REI Friends Podcast

Aug 15 2022 • 40 mins

In today's episode, Steven Rosenberg shares his incredible real estate journey after 9/11 hit.

How he took it upon himself to learn EVERYTHING about real estate and how he learned in real time what houses NOT to buy.

Also, how he learned to run his real estate business like a business. A great lesson.

Steve Rozenberg is an international speaker, life coach, entrepreneur and best-selling author. Steve turned his success as a real estate investor and unconventional career as a commercial airline pilot into a thriving commercial airline pilot into a thriving speaking and coaching career. Now Steve teaches his proven business and organizational strategies to audiences around the world.

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So, you can't miss it, this episode will allow you to better understand  the real estate world.

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