Conquering the Messy Middle: Balancing Dreams and a Day Job with the 12-Week Year Strategy [LNIM256]

Late Night Internet Marketing and Online Business with Mark Mason

Feb 19 2024 • 28 mins

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Ever find yourself fighting to keep your dreams afloat in a sea of distractions and day-job demands? This episode peels back the layers of my own struggle as I wade through the "messy middle" of the year, aiming for those 2024 targets. You're not alone in the battle to manage personal projects alongside a career that doesn't always play fair with your time. Get a front-row seat to my balancing act, complete with the real-life ups and downs that come with a side hustle. And if you're looking for a secret weapon, I'm sharing mine: the 12-week year strategy. It's a goal management game-changer that's all about sharpening focus and speeding up your journey to success.

No distractions can stop us, not even the high-octane allure of Formula One racing or the latest TV series that's just begging for a binge. We'll talk about how personal passions can throw a wrench in our productivity, and I'll reveal how I navigate the temptation without losing sight of the prize. You'll also discover practical moves to keep your eyes on the goal, from postponing pleasure to rallying your personal cheer squad for an extra push. Wisdom from the likes of Roosevelt and Churchill drops in, reminding us of the grit needed to face our fears and the urgency of action. So buckle up—we're on a mission to turn setbacks into comebacks and to fuel that fire within you to conquer every goal on your list.