What CRM Should I Use?

Savvy Agent

Apr 28 2023 • 21 mins

One of the most popular questions asked by real estate agents is “what CRM should I use?”

The correct answer is - use whatever CRM you WILL use.

But if you want a specific CRM answer - then my vote is for Follow Up Boss.

No matter what CRM you use, you want one that will help you streamline your customer communication and stay on top of your sales pipeline. ‌

In this episode we talk about what to consider when selecting a CRM and then how to manage your CRM once you’ve picked one.

If you do use Follow Up Boss you know it’s a robust system that can take some time to set up. You may want to consider a 3rd party to help you set that up - and Elena Kee at Kee Technologies has a great option for action plans, automations, over 300 emails, - it’s worth it’s weight in gold. You can get more information on that here:

Kee Technology Solutions- https://keetechnology.com/

However, you don’t necessarily need to pay someone to set up your CRM. That’s a good option if it works for you, but it’s certainly not required. We happen to have a lot of assets that you can use in your CRM - right in Savvy Agent Club: