How to Work Less and Make More

Savvy Agent

Dec 16 2022 • 15 mins

Working less and making more - that's truly the dream, isn't it? You've probably heard of the "4-hour work week" idea - but let's get real - real estate is more than a 4-hour-a-week job!

So, how can you work less and make more? This episode shares the exact tips you'll need to accomplish this goal.

One thing to note - there are no rules. This business is YOURS to design. If you love working 24/7 - good for you. (I mean, whatever floats your boat.) Personally, I am at a stage in my business where 24/7 doesn't work for me. I'd rather work 4.5 days (yay for half day Fridays!) and then work AS NEEDED on the weekend.

What are you going to design for your business?

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