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Dr. Raegan Johnson, Ph.D. in Public Policy Studies, presents a podcast emphasizing the real work being done to tackle challenging community issues. Based in St. Louis, Moving Us Forward analyzes initiatives and change-makers boldly creating solutions to progress a community long ridden with socioeconomic disparities, racial segregation and fragmentation. Find more great podcasts from JOCON Media at read less
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EP 2 - Better Together
Mar 25 2019
EP 2 - Better Together
In this episode of Moving Us Forward, Dr. Johnson sits down with Kira Van Niel (Better Together Task Force) and Marius Johnson-Malone (Deputy Director of Community Based Studies at Better Together) to discuss details, critiques and the possibilities associated with the proposed St. Louis City/County merger.  ***Updated Information*** Unite STL Refiles Based on community feedback, Unite STL, the political committee working to create a new government in St. Louis City and County, has refiled their proposition to the state of Missouri, taking your feedback into consideration. Changes include: New leadership for a new government will be elected in 2022. The people will vote for Metro Mayor, Metro Prosecutor, and Metro Assessor when they vote for a new Metro Council in November 2022. Clarity on who will serve in transition roles — the folks who will be the transition leaders will be those in office January 1, 2021. Language about St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department pensions is strengthened. Learn more about Better Together Follow Dr. Johnson on Twitter @raegans_realm. The audio for this episode was recorded and produced by J.J. and Faith for JOCON Media, LLC.  The views expressed in this episode do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of JOCON Media, LLC or thePlatform314. Please tune in each week for a new episode. You can listen on Apple Podcasts, Google Play Music, Spotify and Overcast. Follow JOCON Media on FB, Twitter, and IG @joconmedia. Follow JOCON Media on FB, Twitter, and IG @joconmedia.