'Reporting to You Live: From Germany to US Television' - Episode 12 with Luisa Wiewgorra (Part 2)

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Jul 1 2022 • 27 mins


Luisa Wiewgorra joins us for Part 2 of her two-part interview. In this episode, Luisa reflects on her most memorable experiences studying journalism, and the doors that were opened during her time at Madonna University. It’s one thing to dream, but another to see your dreams become reality. Join us to hear how Luisa is living out her dream of being an honorary reporter on television!

Episode Summary

  • 02:21 - Luisa outlines how Madonna University prepped her for her career in journalism.
  • 04:27 - Luisa describes her memorable experience working with ‘Celebrate Michigan’.
  • 06:31 - Reflecting on her past experiences, Luisa has found that each experience prepared her for what she wanted to do.
  • 07:46 - Had Luisa envisioned herself being on Fox 47 as an on-air reporter?
  • 08:47 - Simon compares Luisa’s career trajectory to Steve Bunin; a news anchor on Seattle’s King 5 station, an Emmy award winner, and former anchor, host, and journalist on ESPN.
  • 10:59 - What are Luisa’s favorite questions to ask someone she interviews?
  • 11:31 - How is TV journalism different in Germany than in the U.S.?
  • 12:42 - Was being from overseas an advantage?
  • 14:04 - After hearing heavy stories at work, how does Luisa avoid bringing the weight of what she’s heard home with her?
  • 15:42 - Were there any social media habits Luisa had to change as she’d suddenly become a ‘public figure’ of sorts?
  • 18:43 - Luisa speaks on the most influential people she’s come across during her career.
  • 20:44 - Luisa offers advice for students looking to improve their English pronunciation.
  • 22:27 - Luisa talks about her favorite movie of a very particular genre.
  • 24:22 - What dream is Luisa currently pursuing?


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