'Chasing the Hogwarts Fantasy: Transporting to the U.K.' - S2: Episode 4 with Paige Steffy (Part 1)

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Nov 1 2022 • 24 mins


The magic of Harry Potter captivated a generation of dreamers and stood as a gateway to another world; for one Paige Steffy, it was also a glimpse into her future. Paige graduated from UC Davis with a double major in psychology and Spanish, then worked in the admissions office at Willamette University. Her next adventure wasn’t quite Hogwarts, but, for her Master's program, Paige moved to the U.K. and attended Royal Holloway, University of London. Today, Paige is taking the lessons she’s learned and using them to guide international students through the Unibuddy, student ambassador program, platform. Join us for part one of our two-part interview!

Episode Summary

  • 03:20 - Paige gives a recap of her background, her educational journey, and the work she does in student education.
  • 07:05 - Paige speaks about the influence that her love for stories has had on her career.
  • 08:09 - Inspiration is all around; Paige mentions how not only her teachers, but the story of Harry Potter fostered her interests.
  • 09:24 - Why did Paige decide to continue her studies in the U.K., rather than the U.S.?
  • 11:44 - Simon ties in how Steve Jobs’ Stanford commencement speech relates to Paige’s own story.
  • 12:37 - Paige shares how her study abroad opened her eyes to the wonders of being an international student.
  • 16:55 - Paige and Simon speak on the National Health System in the U.K. vs. the U.S.
  • 19:36 - How has Paige’s experience in the U.K. shaped her ability to help international students looking to take on similar challenges?
  • 20:53 - Who is someone dead or alive that Paige would like to spend a day with?


UC Davis

Willamette University

Royal Holloway, University of London

Harry Potter

Steve Jobs Stanford Commencement Speech

National Health Service

Princess Diana

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