'Moving Out of Your Comfort Zone' - Episode 7 with Valeria Rivera (Part 1)

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Apr 22 2022 • 27 mins

Valeria Rivera personifies the growth you can experience by stepping out of your comfort zone. Her origins brought her from San Salvador, El Salvador, to now being one semester away from graduating with her bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and Commercial Design from Lycoming College. She’s transformed from a shy international student who just moved to the U.S. to a bold, confident, and creative spirit. She’s found her voice, and she’s ready to share it with the world.


  • 03:07 - Did being shy prevent you from doing the things you wanted to do?
  • 04:09 - Valeria speaks on the groups, events, and passions she’s been involved in over the years.
  • 06:49 - What about growing up in San Salvador really stood out?
  • 08:22 - How did you decide on studying in the U.S., and specifically at Lycoming College?
  • 11:10 - Valeria and Simon speak of the ties that Valeria has to Williamsport, Pennsylvania that makes it the perfect place for her.
  • 13:06 - How did you overcome your struggles with language to find your own voice?
  • 16:50 - Valeria speaks on the health & wellness techniques that have helped her overcome negative self-talk.
  • 19:20 - Is it the fear of failure or the lack of effort that is harder to live with?
  • 20:40 - What message would you give students in El Salvador who are unsure of the next step they should take?
  • 23:55 - What are your favorite slang words in English and in Spanish?

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