‘Elevating the Student Voices of Tomorrow’ - S3: Episode 3 with Danny Nguyen (Part 2)

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Mar 7 2023 • 24 mins


Danny Nguyen returns for Part 2 of his two-part interview. In this episode, Danny shares his optimistic outlook for the future of international students and the importance of elevating student voices. Despite his optimism, he sees areas for improvement, particularly in accounting for the experiences of international students. Join Simon and Danny as they discuss the state of job prospecting, the weight of comparison, and the importance of community.

Episode Summary

  • 02:09 - Danny speaks on how humbled he was meeting international students from all walks of life during his time as a teacher.
  • 05:30 - How have Danny’s experiences as a teacher played into his current role as the Vice President of Administrative Services at Mission College?
  • 07:42 - Danny speaks on his current mission to listen to and elevate student voices.
  • 10:44 - What can we do as friends, family members, or higher ed workers to elevate the voices of students?
  • 13:46 - Danny shares his optimism for the future of international students and the diversity of thought, innovation, and creativity that’s been sparked in the industry.
  • 16:36 - Simon and Danny speak on how valuable the experiences of international students are and how that’s lost in job prospecting.
  • 18:49 - As someone who knows the weight of comparison, how did Danny deal with it, and what advice does he have for students?
  • 20:51 - Danny stresses the importance of finding community as an international student.


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