'Songs of Friendship, Family, Spirituality, and Love' - Episode 9 with Bwejua Fachano (Part 1)

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May 20 2022 • 43 mins


Bwejua Fachano is a lot of things; he’s a talented musician, a cancer survivor, and an international student - but more than that, he’s a dreamer. Through his journey from Abuja, Nigeria to being months away from graduating from Los Angeles City College, Bwejua’s experiences reflect that of a man who dares to dream. Bwejua and Simon explore topics of friendship, family, spirituality, and love, in part one of their two-part podcast!


  • 02:50 - Live Performance of ‘Back to LA’ by Bwejua Fachano.
  • 06:30 - Bwejua shares the foods that he’d most want visitors of his home country to experience.
  • 11:10 - Bwejua speaks of the struggles of being an international student away from home.
  • 11:37 - How did Bwejua’s parents influence him to pursue music?
  • 12:27 - How did Bwejua transition from dancing to creating music, and how did his early music career start?
  • 13:56 - What was Bwejua’s main language growing up in Abuja, Nigeria?
  • 16:04 - Bwejua speaks on being part of the Jukun Tribe and the values of his people.
  • 19:35 - ‘Pen Pal’ by Bwejua Fachano.
  • 22:55 - Bwejua speaks on his ‘dream’ - the dream of coming to the U.S., and his greater dream of…
  • 25:00 - Bwejua reflects on some of the biggest surprises he faced in the U.S.
  • 26:41 - Bwejua speaks of his experiences being racially profiled, and what he’d change about the U.S.
  • 28:49 - The topic of ‘love’ is a big theme in Bwejua’s music. Where does that come from?
  • 31:46 - ‘The News’ by Bwejua Fachano.
  • 35:13 - Bwejua outlines the struggles we faced during isolation.
  • 36:43 - Bwejua speaks on the work that went into producing his album.


Los Angeles City College

Abuja, Nigeria

Jollof Rice


Jukun Tribe

California College of Music

Bwejua's First Album




Dealing with Homesickness






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