8 Reasons Why Cybersecurity is Doomed for Small Businesses with John Barker

The Business Samurai

Aug 22 2022 • 34 mins

In this episode of the Business Samurai Podcast, I discuss 8 reasons why I think Cybersecurity will continue to be a failure for small and medium businesses and what we can do to start correcting the problem. 1. Tech people don’t speak business/too into the weeds (can’t elevate the conversation) 2. Business side only know the buzz words (incorrectly) 3. Tech have to be technically correct (happens to me all of the time annoying) 4. Everything is a risk regardless of the business impact 5. Too many frameworks????? 6. Business haven’t started working enough with SOPS/ROLES/ etc (then get dropped in a major compliance framework that is as much process as technical controls) (This includes tech team with things such as patching, reducing SPOF, etc) 7. Business underestimate their RISK profile until its too late (it can't happen to me until it does) 8. Businesses think cyber is strictly and IT problem Get my 7 Easy Ways to Understand Your Cyber Business Risk Framework for only $7 Bucks. Full money back guarantee. Have cybersecurity make Business Sense: https://consulting.barkerleadership.com/flagship-frameworkibdzn46i Listen to full episodes on your favorite podcast platform or by visiting: https://podcast.thebusinesssamurai.com #cybersecurity #business #podcast