How to use the Chamber of Commerce to grow your business w/ Jeff Say

The Business Samurai

May 23 2022 • 53 mins

Jeff Say is the President of the Culpeper County Chamber of Commerce. Jeff took the role just one month prior to the COVID-19 epidemic. In this episode, we discuss the challenge of taking on a membership-based, event-driven organization at the start of the pandemic. Jeff describes how they utilized the Chamber resources and connections as the hub for other business owners, connecting people and services to the right areas during the most difficult times. Jeff discusses their strategy for quickly pivoting the most important events online and in a way that still provides tremendous value to the community. And in the waning days of the pandemic, now the Chamber not only survived but is now thriving when higher than expected new memberships and stronger relationships formed. In addition we discuss: A new "Shark Tank" style program aimed at high school youth with significant prizes involved. Several upcoming events in 2022 How Jeff learned by a major mistake at his college 20 years earlier, he actually didn't graduate and had to take one 2 credit class but he walked during the ceremony. Its a crazy story. You can reach out to Jeff: Mentioned in this episode: Buy 1 Get 1 50% Off This episode of the business samurai podcast is brought to you by Lammar Marie popcorn. You can get now one bag and get a second bag for half off with the code Barker at checkout. So if you like your snacks, a little sweet, a little salty, a little mixture of both. Go check out and all of the flavors that they have for your next snacking sensation. That is with code Barker at checkout for buy one, get one half off.