How to Provide Better Medical Care in Our Communities w/ Dr. Panagis Galiatsatos

The Business Samurai

Jul 18 2022 • 52 mins

Dr. G is a pulmonary and critical care medicine physician at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine.  He is an expert in the diagnosis and treatment of obstructive lung disease, tobacco cessation, and in the care of critically ill patients in the Medical ICU.  He is a member of the Obstructive Lung Disease Group at Johns Hopkins, oversees the Tobacco Treatment Clinic and provides teaching to medical students and residents at Johns Hopkins. He is a renowned Ted X speaker with his work for Medicine for the Greater Good which is a team of physicians, students, & change-makers at Johns Hopkins on a mission to “know the science, know the patient, and know the community, promoting health outside the confines of the hospital environment and understanding socioeconomic barriers to health. Dr. G is also one of the doctors on my team at JH for my genetic condition called HHT which causes malformed blood vessels in the body in multiple organs.