Building a Better Story World

Steele Filipek

Join veteran multimedia producer/designer Steele Tyler Filipek as he helps veteran creators, newbies, and outsiders learn the process of story world creation. Using the same tools he has used for such clients as Microsoft, Sony Pictures, the Walt Disney Company, and Nickelodeon, your dear ol' professor will take you through a step-by-step process to understand the process of crafting narratives that can persist across years and thrive on multiple platforms.

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Interactive Structure Prompts and Recap
Interactive Structure Prompts and RecapIts Own Reward - Rewarding Your Audience for EngagingChoosing User ChoicesObstacles, or, the Difference between Challenge and DifficultyThat Which We DesireUnderstanding Your Agents: Avatars, Users, and AudiencesInteractive Storytelling BasicsAspire to Aspire: Making Your World AspirationalTesting Your Rules (And Your Engines!)Critique, or Eating Your VegetablesDeveloping your DialogueJust Suppose You JuxtaposeExposition is NOT a Four-Letter WordBuilding Your MythologyTime and Again: Building out the Chronology of Narrative UniversesA Road Trip: Creating Interesting LocalesSecondary Characters à la SimpsonOpening Salvos, Miyazaki-stylePrompts, Part DeuxSeeing through the Mists