Confidential reporting: reducing railway risk

The RSSB Podcast

Jun 29 2020 • 11 mins

This podcast looks at the part that CIRAS, the Confidential Incident Reporting and Analysis Service, contributes to the continual improvement of safety management for the railway and other transport systems.

In this episode Catherine Baker, director of CIRAS, talks about how the confidential reporting service works—the types of incidents and reasons for calls, and examples of the results that CIRAS achieves.  She also talks about what CIRAS does to maintain confidentiality, and how the service complements an organisation's existing reporting and whistleblowing systems.

00:40 About Catherine Baker.

01:00 What is confidential reporting?

01:58 Common barriers to raising an issue at work.

02:30 Confidential reporting in practice.

03:25 Sharing findings with all CIRAS members.

03:45 The most commonly reported issues

04:48 Why people contact CIRAS

05:10 How confidential reporting differs from internal reporting or whistleblowing.

06:30 How confidential reporting makes a difference.

07:09 How CIRAS maintains confidentiality.

08:18 The impact of Covid-19 on CIRAS reporting

09:15 The future need for CIRAS

10:15 Where to find out more.

Resources mentioned in this episode:

·    CIRAS website:

·    CIRAS on LinkedIn:

·    CIRAS on Twitter: