#76 - Eternals, The Harder They Fall, Finch & Big Mouth S5

Quiet On Set Podcast

Nov 21 2021 • 1 hr 29 mins

Lachan and Ewan talk Eternals, The Harder They Fall, and Big Mouth season 5. Ewan shares his thoughts on the AppleTV+ original Finch Lachlan shares his thoughts on the first few episodes of Cowboy Bebop

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Intro Banter: 0:00


Trailers: The Beach: 1:20 - Morbius: 3:45

Stories: Disney+ Day: 6:50

New Releases: 17:15

Kally's Bootleg Movie Corner

Eurotrip: 19:19


Lachlan: Cowboy Bebop: 28:45 - Bo Burnham Inside: 29:57

Ewan: Finch: 33:52

Big Mouth S5 35:06

The Harder They Fall 41:31


Non-Spoiler Review: 48:42

Spoiler Review: 61:28

Outro: 86:00

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