Ep42: Use These Exercises To Relieve Back Pain With Celebrity Physiotherapist Tom Swales


May 17 2022 • 1 hr 14 mins

Do you struggle with back pain?   Celebrity physiotherapist, Tom Swales, shares proven ways to diagnose, prevent, and improve chronic pain with body movement.

Don’t miss this episode and be sure to note Tom’s top exercises to relieve back and neck pain!


  • About Tom’s Advanced Movement program
  • The 3 essential hip stretches
  • The difference between good and bad muscle pain
  • How to avoid morning back pain
  • Sitting positions to prevent neck pain
  • Ways to check neck muscle tension
  • Why core training is essential for relieving back pain
  • The role of yoga in strengthening pelvic floor muscles
  • Advantages of exercising after a massage


Be a part of Tom’s 5-week complete home training program and get up to 50% discounts for any of his courses when you sign up with the code EMPOWERED50. Visit https://www.tomswales.com/product-category.php?id=5 and get fit, reduce pain and increase your strength and flexibility today!

Get started on your path to becoming a Certified Advanced Movement Therapist and register now at https://www.tomswales.com/workshops.php.


Tom is a practicing physiotherapist and strength coach focusing on human movement. He is the founder and creator of Swales Performance Systems (SPS), which educates advanced knowledge of human movement. Toms's work and ideas are at the forefront of fitness, conditioning, injury prevention, and rehabilitation. Through his work, Tom has the vision to empower people and help them gain confidence in their potential and abilities. His whole body approach and empathetic character complement his extensive experience perfectly, allowing him to guide his clients through their issues and through the challenge of achieving

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