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Sep 22 2022 • 20 mins

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This part of teaching is the simplest but the most effective part of the lesson.  Here is where you answer that nagging question all of you parents have ruminating in the back of your mind "how do I know if they learned?" Our objective today is to help you be able to assess your student's understanding and concept acquisition daily using different closure techniques that will help you gauge where they are at in an instant.

Today you will learn how to

  • Check for understanding.
  • Create the opportunities for your child to draw conclusions from the lesson and for your more quiet thinkers to have the opportunity to articulate their ideas and thoughts.
  • Foster more reflective thinking
  • Reflect on your own teaching and lessons and not beat yourself up!

Exit Tickets

Are a formative assessment tool to provide the educator with an informal measure of how their students are doing. Students are also able to reflect, think critically, and express their thoughts on what they have just learned.


This gives students the time to process what they have learned and the time to think about what they have been thinking about. This also helps the teacher know if the students has a clear picture of the what was learned.

Formative assessments some examples are:

  • Ask them to write one thing that stuck with them from the lesson.
  • Ask them to verbally answer one question about the day's lesson before they can leave the class.
  • Have them create a tweet.
  • Have them create a flipgrid.

Reflections can be either a formative or summative assessment tool

Examples are

  • Journals
  • Have them give a classmate an affirmation of the work they did that day.
  • Asking questions like this one:
    • Any ideas as to why we didn't get very far in today's lesson?

Think of some exit ticket that you could use in your lesson closure?

  • Think creatively
  • Exit tickets are short.
  • Exit tickets can be daily and are informal.

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