Immersion in Music and Language Cultivates Understanding of Culture with CEO and founder Kristine Dizon

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Aug 30 2022 • 29 mins


The MLLC was founded by Kristine Dizon who wanted to combine her passions for language and music to share with students all over the world. The Music and Language Center provides high-quality, interactive, online music and language instruction to learners everywhere. Their mission is to provide the highest quality and level of language & music instruction for all levels. The Music & Language Center wants to accommodate all students from all backgrounds.

Kristine Dizon (born 1988) is an international artist and teacher who has performed in Europe, Asia, and the Americas. A passionate music educator, she has taught clarinet masterclasses in Armenia, Cyprus, Thailand, Perú, and Poland. Kristine has been a part of several socio-cultural and educational projects that include the Philharmonie de Paris-Project DEMOS, Conservatoire de Montargis (Orchestre á l'école) and the Minnesota Project Opera.    She has premiered works by Agnieszka Zdrojek-Suchodolska, Nicolas Bacri, Kryštof Maratka, and Reinaldo Moya. In 2017, she guest taught at the VI Taller para Jóvenes Clarinetistas organized by Clariperu, served as part of the international jury for the V Concurso de Bandas Escolares 2016 where she held a residency with PeruBandas and taught clarinet masterclasses in Cusco and Lima, Peru.

Top three takeaways

  1. You can take all the things you love to do and make a life out of it! With homeschool education your child can focus on their interests and hone in their strengths.
  2. Being able to immerse yourself with foreign language above technicalities of learning the foreign language you will be able to truly understand the emotion and in the culture of the country.
  3. We need to make more genuine connections with our students will give them the desire to move forward in their studies.

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