The Answer for Working Parents Who Want to Start Homeschooling Classical Academies with CEO Cameron Curry

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Sep 12 2022 • 33 mins


Cameron Curry CEO of The Classical Academies is an organization of award-winning, tuition-free, California Public Charter Schools serving North San Diego County since 1999. With 7 campuses serving in the Northern Region of San Diego, Escondido, Vista, and Oceanside, The Classical Academies is open to all students in San Diego, Orange, and Riverside Counties.

Top three takeaways

  1. How Classical Academies can tailor programs giving the child and parent a more personalized educational experience.
  2. How Classical Academies support parents to work with their students to meet their child's learning needs.
  3. Working Parents can still give their children a homeschool experience and tailor the education for their specific child at Classical Academy.

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Podcast: The Classical Academies Partnering With Parents

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