Infusing Mental Health Into Everyday Practice ~ Guest, Charle Peck

Let’s Talk Wellness ~ with Host, Mara James

Jun 15 2023 • 43 mins

Infusing Mental Health Into Everyday Practice ~ Guest, Charle Peck

Let's Talk Wellness - with Host, Mara James

It is no secret that schools have become more challenging to navigate for both students and educators – and – that those challenges impact their mental health. This week, Mara welcomes Charle Peck for a conversation about what inspired her to being a co-creator of The Thriving School Community, and her mission to empower educators and improve mental health in schools.

Charle Peck is the co-creator of Thriving School Community, a revolutionary program designed for schools to improve mental health. With over 20 years of education and mental health leadership experience, she has the unique lens of both a certified teacher and a licensed clinical therapist specializing in trauma. Charle holds an MS in Education and an MS in Social Work. Her role as a high school teacher coupled with her work with children and families in crisis gives her incredible insight into solving youth mental health problems stemming from our schools. She is the co-author of Improving School Mental Health: The Thriving School Community Solution and a global keynote speaker delivering powerful messages of hope to educators.

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