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Every Monday morning step into the office of iconic psychotherapist Esther Perel and listen in as real people in search of insight bare the raw, intimate, and profound details of their stories. From breakups and open relationships to workplace conflicts and fractures in the family, it’s a place to hear our own stories reflected in the lives of others. So…where should we begin? Part of the Vox Media Podcast Network. read less

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Where Should We Begin? with Esther Perel is a podcast about human relationships. Each episode invites listeners into a real therapy session. Esther Perel is a famous psychotherapist. Her work specializes in relationships. She is the bestselling author of Mating In Captivity and The State of Affairs. She is also a TED speaker.

On the podcast, real couples discuss their most guarded secrets, sometimes for the first time. They talk about their relationships with family, friends, and each other. Esther guides each person through the problem and allows them to speak openly. They discuss painful feelings as they try to reach a solution. People reveal secrets for the first time, and they often express resentful feelings. Audiences experience anger, tears, and moments of joy. Listeners may feel as though they are getting an insight into the human condition. Often, people find their issues are more similar than they think.

An episode is similar to one counseling session. The podcast hides real names and identifying information, but each story is real. Many couples who come to see Esther are close to splitting up. Throughout the episode, they discuss their miscommunication and sadness. Often, an episode reveals untold trauma. Yet, there are also moments of laughter. Many couples realize what brought them together in the first place. There are moments of hope in the difficult discussions.

Each couple engages in honest conversation. Most hope for a romantic revival of their relationship. They discuss the burdens of the family and their mental health. The podcast invites couples who have on-again/off-again relationships or decades-long marriages. Each person shares their own story and learns from their partner’s story.

Esther’s work on relationships has helped many couples overcome their difficulties. She understands that relationships can change over time but that love can still survive. Where Should We Begin? with Esther Perel is an intimate insight into the complexities of human life. Each episode is between 40 and 60 minutes long. Some couples come back in follow-up episodes called “Where Are They Now.” New episodes are released every Monday.

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A Marriage Organized Around Trauma
Oct 30 2023
A Marriage Organized Around Trauma
He was deployed to Fallujah, Iraq in 2004. In the 20 years since, he has struggled with PTSD and addiction. She has long taken on the role of his caregiver, ready to jump in when she senses the old traumas are rising. This has often meant sacrificing her own needs as an individual, partner, and lover. With Esther’s guidance they start the practice of re-orientating themselves away from a hyper-vigilant state, toward a more sensual partnership in which she too is taken care of. For additional resources on recovery after war, please see: The Hidden Trauma of Moral Injury- by Jack Saul (https://www.psychotherapynetworker.org/article/hidden-trauma-moral-injury) The Veterans Crisis Line - dial 988 and then press 1. Provides access to free, confidential support with an actual person qualified to support Veterans 24/7, 365 days a year. Serves Veterans, service members, National Guard and Reserve members, and those who support them. Department of Veterans Affairs - VA PTSD Program Locator- (https://www.va.gov/directory/guide/PTSD.asp) VA Caregiver Support Program -(https://www.caregiver.va.gov/) The Department of Veteran Affairs Caregiver Support Program offers clinical services to caregivers of eligible and covered Veterans enrolled in the VA health care system. The program’s mission is to promote the health and well-being of family caregivers who care for our Nation’s Veterans, through education, resources, support, and services. The Headstrong Project - (https://theheadstrongproject.org/) A non-profit mental health organization providing confidential, barrier-free, and stigma-free PTSD treatment to our veterans, service members, and family connected to their care. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit podcastchoices.com/adchoices